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Guide Dussert-Gerber du Vin


24 Mars 2016 , Rédigé par Dussert-Gerber

Old wine winegrowing estate since 1738, Saint-Guilhem the named good owes his origin to the count de Toulouse Guillaume de Gellone canonized in 1066 under the name of Saint-Guilhem.
Recognized for its fine wines and its brandies at the last centuries, the Domaine de Saint-Guilhem after an eclipse in the Eighties, account today 7 ha of vines, the meadows and wood with rare gasolines and centenaries.
The Winegrowing estate beyond the modes and of the tendencies, gets busy to make wines of character, with small voluntarily controlled outputs, seldom exceeding the 35 hl with the hectare, with longmacerations. That makes it possible to produce remarkable wines red, among richest in polyphenols in the world, which makes them particularly gravitational for the consumers informed in search of an excellent quality-price ratio.
Red vintages: Tradition, Renaissance and Amadeus, are the antithesis of the wines of thirst, they are true wines of meals, which reveal their bouquets and give all their measurement on a tasty kitchen, partner essential to these generous wines, slightly orphan in their youth without a kitchen rich in savors whatever is the origin.


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